About Me

My Approach-

Connection. Preparation. Celebration. 

I believe in developing a sense of connection with my couples. Wedding Photographers spend the most time with couples (outside of the wedding party) on that special day. Knowing/understanding the vision and what they're most excited about aids in achieving a fantastic result. To do this, preparation, communication, and a clear vision are essential. Before the wedding day, we establish precisely what the day will look and feel like. Once these attributes are concrete and our preparation aligns, we get ready to celebrate!

Do you give directions? What about Posing? 

Posing/making minor adjustments is one of my favorite aspects of a wedding. My approach is to make minor adjustments solely to highlight my couple's best attributes and their God-given beauty. With my in-depth training and understanding of the psychology behind a stunning photograph make these adjustments look natural and aesthetically pleasing. To me, every human is beautiful, and I take pride in helping that shine brighter.

The Look: 

Clean, elegant, and timeless, with an editorial edge. 

Why am I a wedding photographer?

I'm a sucker for romance, true love, and editorial imagery in particular. I appreciate the fine details that make an image stunning or timeless. Being a wedding photographer also means being a portrait, landscape, and product photographer, and all of those niches are aspects I enjoy. It is fast-paced, and every wedding is individualized for each couple. Each couple is authentic, and so many things had to align to make it possible for them to meet/fall in love. This pair is the only two people who have ever existed on earth since the beginning of time. That's beyond special if you ask me. It's about capturing the spark that embodies their unique love, the heart-melting interactions with those they cherish most, and the photos they'll laugh at for years.

Fun Facts about me:

Birth City: Buffalo, NY (Huge Bills Fan)

Favorite food: Pasta & Buffalo chicken

What inspires me: New Places, Fashion (Vogue, Bazaar, Brides, etc.), Elegant/Historic Locations, and unique architecture

What I enjoy: Learning (always looking to grow), spending time with my kids and friends, reading (Business, the bible & self-help books), intellectual/psychological conversations, running, working, and achieving new goals.

Philosophy: Life is much better when you’re Definite about WHO you want IN it and WHAT you want OUT of it ~ L. Rose

Things I’ve never done but have always wanted to: Skydive, Go on a cruise (I know, I know), Catch a fish and cook it right after, Ride in a helicopter, and Build my own home.  

What camera brand do I prefer: Canon



Ishaan & Pavit

Let me start off by saying that I am VERY picky when it comes to photographers. I have worked with several, but Larry absolutely exceeded my expectations. He was kind, professional, and flexible to coordinate with. His direction and vision for photos was unbeatable, and the photos themselves were just… WOW! I would recommend Larry for all photography needs. You will be glad you trusted him!